Lung Genome Browser Application Programming Interface (API)

The Lung Genome Browser API provides programmatic access to Lung Genome Browser portal and drives data query and submission functionality. The Lung Genome Browser API uses JSON and standard HTTP verbs for communication with the portal.

There are several third-party tools that can be used with Lung Genome Browser REST API, we have tested following tools that can be used for communicating with our portal:




 JSON Formatter

 Web browser plugin for Safari


 Web browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox


 Web browser plugin for Chrome


 Command line tool

 Postman REST Client

 Tool for API development


Lung Genome Browser Accession Ids

Every object (e.g., experiment, annotation, biosamples, antibodies, data file etc.) have unique accession LEBXXXXXXXX ids. API request – response can be made to retrieve specific individual, group or mashup of these objects. Search and Retrieval Examples Web browser JSON pretty-printer plugin JSON pretty-printer plugin for web browser can be used to view page as JSON. In order to view page as JSON add ?format=json to the URL

Example: To request metadata for annotation LEBSR746OCY:



Prerequisite:  json.tool provides command line interface to validate and pretty-print JSON

Installation for OS X and Linux:

$ pip install jsontool

The following is an example of a request to annotation endpoint using annotation id, that retrieves annotation metadata:

$ curl –L -H "Accept: application/json" | python -m json.tool > snATAC


Programmatic access to metadata script abstracts the GET request for metadata retrieval. It takes metadata type and accession id and returns metadata in JSON format.

The following metadata endpoints are available from Diabetes Epienome Atlas API to access metadata programmatically


 Metadata End points (--type)



 Includes assay metadata, replicate information and data files


 Metadata for an annotation set


 Metadata for a data file (e.g., fastq, bigwig, bed, bam, bigBed,  tagAlign, sra)


 Metadata for biosamples

antibodies Metadata for antibodies
target metadata for target gene



The REST-API codebase is available on  Diabetes Genome Atlas REST API GitHub Repository

Prerequisite: python modules - argparse , json, requests